Career Outcomes

Explore the promising career outcomes of our Master's in Real Estate Analysis and Development program with impressive employment statistics for the Class of 2022. Discover a mean base salary of $71,500 and a job offer rate of 86% within just 6 months of graduation. Join renowned hiring organizations like Berkadia, Chatham Financial, and more, and secure roles as a Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Global Real Estate Analyst, and more. Your future in the real estate industry starts here.

Employment Statistics for the Class of 2022

Compensation - Base Salary

  • Mean: $71,500

Job Offer Overview - Within 6 Months of Graduation

  • Full-Time Offers: 86%

Hiring Organizations

  • Berkadia
  • Chatham Financial
  • JF Capital
  • NewPoint Real Estate Capital
  • Pebblebrook Hotel Trust
  • Process Research & Optimization

Job Titles

  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Global Real Estate Analyst
  • Multi-family Underwriter
  • RE Development Associate
  • Rotational Analyst